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     About Us

The Toshinaer Global Group is the marketing arm  of  Toshinaer brand, manufactured by  Tiun Yuan Technology Company LTD. or, TYT based in Taipei Taiwan.

TYT's  history began as a research and development partnership with Toshiba.

 our early products included back light modules employed in HP bed scanners and card read media players.  TYT has  been recognized with numerous awards and international and U.S. patents for our product designs.


Recent history involves the development and deployment of our Hi Bright series of "value added" LED back lit LCD outdoor products, transparent displays and table top touch LCD designs.


TYT has years of experience in the research, development, engineering and manufacturing of both commercial and consumer products.
Through collaboration, our designs, products and processes have also been incorporated into dozens of other manufacturers finished devices.


Strategic alliances with proven trusted suppliers and manufacturers enable us to offer a scalable solution to your needs. We offer open frame components in addition to completed indoor and outdoor weatherproof digital signage.


We have established a network of global partners to assist in marketing our products, We currently have representation in Taipei Taiwan, Tokyo Japan, Melbourne Australia, Frankfurt Germany, Beijing China and Los Angeles, United States.





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